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Computer Networking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Computer Networking - Essay Example Hence, the document improves market benefits for the company, as well as reducing costs. It is anticipated that periodic evaluations of the IT policy will reveal that the majority of staff will find IT systems supporting improved management, control, and/or organizational planning, which provide staff with a consistent work environment, and encourage the company's culture of collaboration, inclusiveness and continual improvement. Other benefits to be expected form the Policy are enhanced team-spirit; consistency in work performance; staff confidence in the reliability and dependability of co-workers; increased employee satisfaction and decreased perceptions of stress; and improved employee moral and training programs; as well as improved customer satisfaction. Logging and accounting will serve important purposes within the Policy, in that they will aid in the management, tracking, accountability of use and misuse detection. The logging will especially assist with user monitoring and debugging of the IT systems. Logs can also help to identify and track the intruder if one does get through and provide additional data for other research processes. The Policy will also state the regular frequency of log review and evaluation. The company will use a single firewall program on all its workstations as well as the same version of anti-virus software. The firewall limit exposure to threats from the Internet and to mitigate the client's risk as it inhibits network traffic that does not meet the security policy (e.g. hackers). The anti-virus software and the frequency of mandatory definition updates will be outline in the Policy. Viruses are able to destroy critical client data and other company files. The system at Harder and Harder is currently compromised by a worm virus (warez) that has been giving the hackers access and privileges of an authorised network user. The anti-virus software can attack the future viruses and so minimize the risk. However, updated virus definitions are essential to ensure that the software is not rendered useless. And so the Policy clearly addresses these issues. The Policy will aim to discourage employees to use the network in ad-hoc communications, such as with wireless networks . A hacker is able to attack this system due to the lack of authentication. Ad-hoc networks can allow a hacker to execute man in the middle attacks, denial of service, and/or compromise systems.Further, the Policy will emphasise education, awareness and continual improvement among staff. Perception surveys of employee satisfaction, as well as outcome evaluations will be reviewed to determine degree of IT security consciousness and knowledge and compliance with IT policy. The Policy will stipulate ways that security awareness will be increased and maintained, for example through workshops, posters, or in newsletters. Studies show that staffs are more likely to comply with Policy and to make more of an effort to secure or at least limit behaviours that will put the network at risk.The Policy will introduce inclusive decision making staff meetings to come up with IT security solutions. In a collaborative forum staffs can suggest ways to limit

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Career Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Career Plan - Essay Example The quote emphasizes the fact that a proper career plan is needed for any student to achieve success in any field of study. From childhood every individual holds a dream deep down in his heart, to achieve some goal that completes or rather summarizes the meaning of success for him/her. But when faced with the harsh realities of the very real world his dreams are susceptible to change with a view to obtain a better life ,to make the world a better place to live. He/She now nurtures his/her dreams based on practical grounds. His/Her search to achieve and fulfill his wants leads him to take up a career option that will provide him/her with both job satisfaction and a better living . This is a choice that each individual should be allowed to make on his/her own, probably with a bit of useful guidance from parents/teachers as once a choice is made one cannot rethink and change it in most circumstances. A wrong choice might rob one’s life of ‘all the lovely things’ tha t he/she deserved. I made a choice for myself, a choice I still stand by . I chose Mechanical Engineering as my field of study . The obvious question that the read must be being haunted with is a broad ‘Why?’ .Well, as I grew up I felt sincere inclination towards maths and papers relating to natural sciences. There is an urge to discover, an urge to know the intricacies relating to force, power and momentum which makes me want to take up Mechanical Engineering as my field of study. Engines always had a lot of appeal to me . I wanted to know more about the ways they function, their utility which makes life so much easy for all of us in this big world. Over and above all, a need to serve mankind, a need to make life more comfortable, a need to satisfy my hunger for knowing the intricacies of the mechanical world propelled me to take up the challenging career of a Mechanical Engineer . A career as a civil Engineer, however, stands fine for me but as a second choice ofcours e . A Brief on what Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering are all about . Mechanical engineering plays a dominant role in enhancing economic vitality, safety and overall quality of life. Mechanical engineers are concerned with the principles of force, energy and motion. They are professionals with expert knowledge of the design and manufacture of mechanical systems, thermal devices and processes. Products and processes developed by mechanical engineers include engines and control systems for automobiles and aircraft, electric power generation plants, lifesaving medical devices and consumer products ranging from air conditioners to personal computers and athletic equipment. They also design the machines that mass-produce these products. Virtually every aspect of life is touched by mechanical engineering. If something moves or uses energy, a mechanical engineer was probably involved in its design or production. Civil engineers design and supervise the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and water supply and sewage systems. They must consider many factors in the design process, from the construction costs and expected lifetime of a project to government regulations and potential environmental hazards such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Civil engineering, considered one of the oldest engineering disciplines, encompasses many specialties. The major ones are structural, water resources, construction, environmental, transportation, and geotechnical engineering. Many civil engineers hold supervisory or administrative positions, from supervisor of a construction site to city engineer. Others may work in design,

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Past Present And Future Of Mcdonalds Marketing Essay

Past Present And Future Of Mcdonalds Marketing Essay McDonalds is the largest chain of fast food restaurant that specializes in making quality hamburgers worldwide. This fast food chain restaurant has over 62 restaurants worldwide with its presence in over 41 countries. McDonalds is engaged in different initiatives all over the world that define its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR calls for companies to behave in a responsible manner socially while carrying their mandate to the public. Moreover, CSR also encompasses the companys social behavior while dealing with other companies and business partners who do business with it. McDonalds therefore owes lots of responsibility in its operations socially to the public as well as its strategic business partners. The chain restaurant also runs several franchises which imply that it deals with several strategic business partners. The increase in public awareness has brought CSR into the limelight as companies seek to incorporate this social responsibility it its plans. McDonalds has a number of CSR driven activities and strategies that shall be considered in this paper The aim of this research paper is to consider the past, present as well as the future Corporate Social Responsibility and business ethics that McDonalds has towards the environment. McDonalds has opened many different outlets and franchised several fast food restaurant outlets as well. This therefore implies that it must consider its social responsibility towards the environment as it seeks to expand into the new market. Corporate Social Responsibility often gives the company an edge against its competitors. In conclusion, the paper will consider some of the CSR and business ethic strategies currently employed by McDonalds while conducting its business. McDonalds has also initiated various programs aimed at developing its CSR way beyond the near future. Thus, the company is committed towards delivering its social responsibility to the market and the immediate environs. It is thus recommended that McDonalds should partners with other likeminded fast food restaurants in order to deliver its CSR in the future. McDonalds should also compare its business ethics with those of other companies and ensure that it is in unison with other companys business ethics. This will aid in delivering an effective CSR. Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 3 Aim and Purpose 3 Situation Analysis 4 Factors and Discussion 4 Values 4 Sustainable supply chain 5 Nutrition and wellbeing 6 Environmental responsibility 7 Employment experience 8 Community responsibility 9 Conclusion 10 Recommendation 11 Works Cited 12 Introduction This report will aid McDonalds in identifying its core CSR strategies that will propel its business goals into the future. The report also identifies the business ethics that McDonalds has practiced over time and the impact of these business ethics to its strategic partners and customers. This report is thus an indicator of how well McDonalds is delivering its CSR and business ethics. McDonalds being the worlds largest hamburger chain fast food restaurant owes the environment a lot in terms of its Corporate Social Responsibility. The environment in this case implies its customers, business partners as well as the public at large. The firm has played a large role in the past towards conserving the environment. In addition, McDonalds continues to develop a sustainable supply chain for the benefit of its suppliers and distributors thus ensuring that there is continuous flow of business. McDonalds CSR revolves around sustainability. This is because the firm identifies that through sustainability, it will be able to get constant products that it uses to make the hamburgers as well as other fast food products. Sustainability also helps McDonalds in the sense that it will be able to sustain its distribution networks, thus benefiting a whole chain of distributors and suppliers. Aim and Purpose This report on the CSR and business ethics for McDonalds will aid the management and executives in the board of McDonalds to better deliver their CSR to their strategic business partners and the public in general. The report also illuminates areas that perhaps McDonalds should consider incorporating into its CSR plan for the next operating year. This report shall assume certain factors. Firstly, that McDonalds CSR is uniform throughout all the countries that it operates fast food restaurants in. secondly, the report shall also assume that the CSR and business ethics that McDonalds has implemented and will implement have gained general acceptance amongst its business partners, customers and the public in general. The limitations to this study include the fact that some of the CSR strategies that McDonalds has implemented are hard to measure. Most of the business ethics can only be explained but cannot be measured in definite terms. In fact, McDonalds cannot establish the extent of success that it has achieved in the past in regard to the CSR strategies. Situation Analysis In each and every country, McDonalds has thrives to develop a menu that fits the tastes and culture of the people in those countries. This has made McDonalds unique in its delivery of fine and quality fast food products. Its CSR strategies have helped it to identify the needs of the people within these destinations and develop fast food solutions that best fits their needs. McDonalds is thus mindful of its customers diverse needs. In addition, McDonalds strives to promote healthy diets that benefit its customer. Research reveals that fast food products are not good for the health, especially for the heart as well as the liver. However, McDonalds disputes this by developing and making fast food products that are free from cholesterol, fat that causes cardiac diseases. The firm has also won several awards in environment conservation and employment sensitivity. McDonalds has no gender inequality whilst employing its staff from the regions where it has expanded. The company hopes to have trained and retrained all its employees in their respective fields by the end of 2012 (May, Cheney and Roper, p.32). According to an employee at the fast food restaurant in Europe, McDonalds is perhaps the best employer and always listens to the needs and demands of the staff; the employment environment is one to die for. Factors and Discussion This section will identify the various CSR strategies that McDonalds has implemented in the past, present and the future of these strategies. The factors are identifies in the ensuing paragraphs. Values McDonalds core values are all aimed at promoting the Corporate Social Responsibility of the firm. This is achieved through giving value to the customers, the supply chain as well as the other business partners with whom McDonalds does business. McDonalds indeed acknowledges the fact that its customers are the reason behind its success and existence. Therefore, the customers are very much valued within the company. The company thus strives to create a warm and welcoming environment for its customers. Secondly, McDonalds values its employees and states that it is committed towards the career growth and development of its employees through a comprehensive training plan. This is perhaps the greatest CSR that McDonalds has. McDonalds believes in empowering and valuing the employees for increased commitment from them and their continued success. McDonalds also maintains high business ethics and thus conducts its business with high ethical standards (Fisher and Lovell, p.33). The company conducts its business with high integrity, honesty and fairness for all its customers and suppliers. McDonalds also values the community in which it operates and strives to give back to the society through sponsoring various community initiatives such as education. McDonalds believes in making the world a better place (Johnson and Turner, p.112). McDonalds being a public company values doing profitable business with all its stakeholders. The company therefore lays much emphasis on profitable business while enforcing its business ethics across all its subsidiaries. This is achieved through maintaining high ethical standards. McDonalds always strives to excel in whatever field it undertakes to operate in. constant improvement is achieved within the company through continued training and innovation. Thus, McDonalds has grown to become the worlds largest fast food chain of restaurants through its commitment towards achieving its CSR as well as maintaining good business ethics. According to Richardson (p.16), McDonalds has achieved much success through its good will initiatives worldwide, hence many customers identify with the positive side of the company. Sustainable supply chain McDonalds suppliers are required to adhere to the strict Code of Conduct which enhances the supply chain ensuring that the fast food giant gets the best quality products as raw material for preparing the fast food restaurants. The firm values its supply chain in such a manner that there is no way a poor quality product can access the firms production unit. In addition, there are checks and balances to ensure that only the best raw materials are used to prepare fast food products. These checks and balances often involve empowering the suppliers to supply quality products through training programs. In 2007, McDonalds established a strong supply chain department which ensures that the quality standards for its suppliers are continuously met by the suppliers (Hanekamp, p.14). The complexity of the supply chain requires that McDonalds maintains an effective communication amongst its suppliers in order to solve and avert problems at an early stage. McDonalds always purchases its products from suppliers who only comply with the established code of conduct thus ensuring continued quality standards adherence (Gitman and McDaniel, p.34). Furthermore, McDonalds always strives to promote a supply chain that is positively supporting the environment. Thus, the supply chain of the fast food giant usually has no adverse effect on the environment. McDonalds therefore supports an environment-friendly supply chain. The supply chain also aims at promoting a positive economic impact on the suppliers and the immediate beneficiaries. According to Crowther and Rayman-Bacchus (p.42), an effective supply chain is one where suppliers receive timely information that will enable them be able to succeed in supplying the best products for the fast food giant. Andersen (p.24) suggests that McDonalds requires improving efficiency of its supply chain and reducing the bottleneck so that the Small and Medium Enterprises within countries where McDonalds operates may be able to benefit from the existence of McDonalds. Nutrition and wellbeing McDonalds is always committed to the wellbeing of its customers through producing fast food products that have no adverse health effects on the customers. The company follows the strict advice of its nutrition experts. There have been concerns about obesity that McDonalds has taken seriously and strived to avoid producing fast food products that may lead to obesity among its customers. Moreover, McDonalds also promoted doing exercises as part of the health promotion program that it started in 1998 (Ferrel, Ferrell and Fraedrich, p.18). Exercising is an imperative activity that McDonalds acknowledges could reduce the health effects of fast foods. Nutrition experts also advice that eating fast food products is not harmful to ones health for as long as they do enough exercises. McDonalds encourages customer to make quality choices regarding its fast food products that will benefit their health. The firm discourages eating for the sake of it and insists on supporting healthy living (Rendtorff, p.142). McDonalds continues to develop high quality and a well balanced diet that serves the needs of its customers comprehensively. The firm has also developed a wide range of choices to enable its customers to choose from, thus increase customer satisfaction. The firm through its nutritionist has developed consumer-friendly nutrition information that enable the customers to gain useful knowledge regarding the fast food products that the firm sells across all its restaurants. This helps the consumers to make an independent choice regarding which fast food product to purchase. Today, a lot of the consumer choices are driven by the nutrition that McDonalds provides its consumers with. McDonalds has strived to improve the communication that it has with its customers, especially children thus encouraging them to make wise nutrition choices. According to Hartman and DesJardins (p.76), McDonalds established the Global Advisory Council (GAC) which works in collaboration with the international teams to source for expert advice regarding nutrition and wellbeing. Environmental responsibility According to Kotler and Lee (p.19), McDonalds has won the Energy Star Partner of the Year award which is usually awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). McDonalds has been recognized for its massive efforts in reducing greenhouse emissions. The firm is sensitive to the environment and concerned more about the global warming. This has promoted the firm to save on energy and thus avert carbon emissions. McDonalds takes its social responsibility concerning the environment seriously. The firm established its very own Global Environment Commitment (Houk and Williams, p.134). The company has continued to focus on improving its commitment towards the environment. As far as McDonalds CSR regarding the environment is concerned, the fast food giant has in the past and present focused on three main areas namely; energy efficiency, sustainable packaging and waste management as well as green restaurant design. McDonalds has sort to use more energy efficient strategies such as the use of natural gas in the fast food restaurants. McDonalds continues to seek ways of increasing energy efficiency. Furthermore, the fast food giant also seeks to reduce the impact of its operations on the environmental impact. In addition, McDonalds continues to explore ways in which it can package the consumers product in packages that are easy to recycle and reuse. Malachowski (p.27) reveals that the company banned the use of plastics in packaging the fast food products. The firm continues to use paper-based packages though it is in a bid to look for an environmental friendly package. The firm has been criticized for using paper-based packages in the wake of the global warming panic. Paper comes from trees and thus by using the paper-based packages, McDonalds may have been going against the environmental preservation requirements. Trevino and Nelson (p.47) reveal that McDonalds has an environmental department which attends the green house conferences in Geneva annually. These officials are in charge of ensuring that McDonalds continues to comply with the environmental laws of various countries where it is established. Most of the restaurants belonging to McDonalds have adopted the green restaurant design which helps in saving energy. This has given McDonalds the opportunity to participate in the reduction of carbon emission through investing in energy efficient buildings. Most of the restaurants belonging to McDonalds have an open space which allows plenty of light to enter into the building thus saving the use of electricity during the day. McDonalds CSR supports the conservation of the environment through reduction of carbon emission as well as the green restaurant designs. Employment experience McDonalds has a policy within all its subsidiaries and fast food restaurants worldwide of giving its employees a priority over all other things. The firm indeed identifies that employees are core in the companys success. McDonalds has in the past devised training programs aimed at employee development. Moreover, the firm empowers its employees to take up new challenges in the fast food market. Furthermore, McDonalds supports human rights which forms part of it global business conduct. Respect to life and the preservation of human dignity has enabled the company to excel in its core relationship with its employees as well as customers and business partners. This has enabled McDonalds to grow through its appreciation of human life and dignity, an area where many other companies have failed. Employees rights are a priority at McDonalds. McDonalds has developed a strategy that allows the employees relative freedom in working with the firm. There are three aspects of the employee priority virtues that McDonalds has identifies namely respect, commitment growth and talent enhancement (Hoffman, p.114). McDonalds has created a culture where every employee is respected and valued globally. In addition, McDonalds is committed towards realizing quality employees through comprehensive training programs and staff development strategies. McDonalds identifies young talented graduates and employees then as graduate trainees thus ensuring that it acquires the right caliber of future employees. These young graduates are drawn from various hospitality colleges and universities across the globe. According to Mullerat and Brennan (p.22), McDonalds always strives to deliver quality employee training to its employees. Moreover, its employment policy is not biased against one kind of gender. There is an open approach towards those employed at McDonalds. Every employee is thus a priority at McDonalds since the firm realized that its workforce holds the key to its valued success. This CSR involving valuing and respecting employees has enabled McDonalds to improve its service provision to its clientele. Community responsibility For ages, McDonalds has been supporting the Olympic Games through feeding program aimed at feeding the athletics. McDonalds is also involved in various charities and also supports education in the developing countries where it has its franchises and fast food restaurants. As part of its bid to return back to the society, McDonalds has sponsored several children programs involving eradication of illiteracy and poverty. McDonalds also sponsors a number of events worldwide including the Olympic Games and walks. Over the past calamities, McDonalds has been involved in disaster response where it has supported the victims of such disasters. Just recently during the Haiti disaster, McDonalds moved in to donate a handsome amount towards the rebuilding of the destroyed country. According to Morris, Willey and Sachdev (p.54), McDonalds has also supported various community based programs such as sponsoring the education of poor children in India and Asia. Conclusion McDonalds has been able to achieve high success through its identification of the elements that make it succeed most. These elements include its employees, customers and the suppliers. McDonalds values its employees and has various training programs to support their bid towards an excellent service provision. The company draws its success mostly from its employees. McDonalds also hires quality and highly valuable employees thus ensuring continued success for the company. McDonalds also draws its success from its highly valued customers. The company provides the customers with nutrition information thus ensuring that the customer makes informed decision. Moreover, the firm develops well balanced diets that meet the dynamic requirements of each fast food market. Indeed, customers have enabled the firm to develop strongly with most customers referring others to the fast food giant. The customers also benefit from the advice of the international nutritionists as well as the nutrition experts that are dissipated to McDonalds on a regular basis (Daft and Marcic, p.11). McDonalds support for the environment has ensured that its CSR continues to grow. The firm has many ways of giving back to the community. McDonalds supports various sponsorship programs, the most profound being that which supports the education of children (Carter and Clegg, p.48). McDonalds also feeds the athletes at the Olympic Games. Poverty eradication has also been a priority for the company as it seeks to improve the standards of living. McDonalds continues to support CSR and good business conducts and ethic across its operations, now and in the future to come through enhanced quality programs. Suppliers also form part of the core business that McDonalds supports. The suppliers are organized in supply chains to ensure that they continue to abide by the quality standards. Recommendation McDonalds should make us of solar energy, which is a renewable form of energy. This will go a long way towards ensuring that there is less carbon emission. The EPA would thus be pleased with the efforts propagated by McDonalds. McDonalds should also run advertisements in the media to promote its balanced healthy diet. The advertisements should also contain nutrition advice on various ways of eating healthy fast food diets. The firm should also diversify its diets to ensure that it meets the requirements of different ages.

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List specific examples to support your assessment. The assessment is dysfunctional and poorly structured. The reason for this is no one is on the same page. They cannot work as a group. They let their personal issues get in the way of making dissensions for the company. B. What is your assessment of Charlie Moor's effectiveness as the leader of his team? Provide specific examples that support your assessment. CharlieMoor's effectiveness is not working for him nor the company. The reasons are he is not a forceful manager like they had in the past. He cannot decide on the best results for the company based on information that is provided to him. He cannot keep his employees at bay. C. What should Charlie do to move the team toward a consensus on the immediate problems facing the company? Give specific examples of actions Charlie should take. Charlie should make the final decision based on the information he has been given. He needs to find a way to cut expenses and develop a better ope rating procedure while introducing new mix-in flavors of ice cream.D. What could Charlie do to improve the performance of the team in the future? Give several examples. Charlie could involve his team with more decision making based on the business issues. The examples for this would be to have weekly meetings with each department and weekly group meeting so that all departments are on the same page and up to date on what is going on with the company at the present time. Charlie can also send out monthly news letters to all employees and encourage everyone to summit their opinion on how to make the company better no matter their position.

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The Benefits of Heart Disease Essay

The Benefits of Heart Disease Essay What to Do About Heart Disease Essay Before It Is Too Late A psychological counselor is able to help you understand what is going on to you. Based on your wellbeing, you might need different professionals. The individual will be awake but sometimes mildly sedated for the whole period of the process. Or, it may be a physical therapist, also known as a PT. The Nuiances of Heart Disease Essay In the event the blood flow gets totally blocked because of blood clot, the affected part of the heart muscle will die. Congestive heart failure is a sort of heart failure in which contributes to fluid buildup within the body. The heart may also raise heart rate to boost output and circulation. In case the heart's blood vessels narrow, the total amount of blood they supply to the heart could possibly be insufficient to supply the oxygen the heart requirements. The Debate Over Heart Disease Essay To stop significant heart trouble greatly decrease the total amount of fried fatty foods and trans-fat in your daily diet. The most significant thing is to locate a kind of exercise which suits you and that you like. Sugar in its normal state is a wholesome part of the human diet, the issue only comes when folks begin to consume extra amount of additional sugar. The other half weren't told to modify their diet in any manner. A study indicates that not all great fats are the same in regards to safeguarding your health. The research has indicated that even in the our everyday soups, sugars are found in considerable quantities also. As an example, making certain your diet is well balanced with a lot of fruits and vegetables together with physical exercise. A wholesome diet is vital, in spite of the individual risk of CVD. Soooo, the aorta is the point where the pulmonary artery ought to be and the pulmonary artery is the point where the aorta ought to be. In an effort to overcome the insulin resistance, the pancreas always attempts to generate more insulin, and once the pancreas can't figure out how to keep up, the blood sugar is likely to rise. Distinct arteries supply various regions of the heart with oxygenated blood. If at least one of these arteries become narrowed or clogged as a consequence of coronary artery disease, or atherscelorosis the artery can't fully supply the area of the heart it's accountable for. In the lack of timely help, a part of heart muscle cells die from a scarcity of food developing myocardial infarction. Deficiency of sufficient blood is connected with a deficiency of oxygen, also referred to as ischemia. Moreover, but very rarely it's sometimes essential to resort to emergency coronary artery bypass surgery to take care of a complication. The formed clot may remain connected to the plaque and keep growing. A seasoned professional will make an error-free assignment very quickly and can help you boost your grades. There's a particular procedure of how essays ought to be written. Many trustworthy writing services are eager to provide essay help. When it has to do with writing projects, a student could possibly be requested to write any sort of paper professors will ask. The 5-Minute Rule for Heart Disease Essay Atherosclerosis is the main cause of coronary heart disease however, it's also present to some degree in virtually every adult male in Western societi es. Coronary heart disease has become the most prevalent kind of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the top cause of death for both women and men. Emotional trauma because of some death, accident and even because of unique abuses may also trigger the probability of coronary failure or even death. The prospective complications can be broadly split into the ones that occur during or right after angioplasty and the ones that occur weeks or months later. There are numerous risk factors linked to coronary heart disease. Decreased blood flow can result in a heart attack. There are a lot of steps that may be taken to stop or decrease the danger of developing coronary heart disease. To put it differently, less than one% of those who die are brain dead. Although there are still a few individuals that are over using their hearts that could cause some big heart troubles. In addition, the range of schools that promote wide-ranging wellness education programs should be raised. Patients, therefore, ought to be asked about their degree of activity and has to be offered with fitness recommendations and precise and persuasive strategi es that they can add and integrate in their lives. No such findings threaten an ordinary term for almost forty decades.

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The Beginning A History Of New Zealand s Ufo Activity

the Beginning†¦ A history of New Zealand’s UFO activity BY TONY LUCAS 12/01/2014 UFO SIGHTINGS Historically, most of the Northern Hemisphere holds the attention of many when it comes to paranormal activity, UFO’s, Cryptozoology and strange phenomena. UFO What I hope to bring forth in these articles is the often not heard of Phenomena that is just as prevalent in the Southern Hemisphere. As an Independent UFO Investigator myself I will however ask the readers forgiveness if I often indulge myself in that field. Being a New Zealander, it is often not recognized that New Zealand has many unheard of mysteries and its fair share of UFO activity. We also have our own version of Bigfoot known as the Moehau, also a mystery otter like creature, alien big cats, and more. Our nearest neighbor, Australia also has its fair share of UFO sightings, Criptids (animals that are not known or presumed extinct), and strange phenomena. As a UFO Investigator, I like to make quite clear how easy it is to be fooled. Often, what we think we see is not what it appears to be. In the case of UFO’s, weather balloons, the planet Venus, satellites and other man-made phenomena are often mistaken for UFOs. My belief is that once you have eliminated all the obvious and, sometimes the not so obvious, whatever you are left with must be the answer. New Zealand has a long history of UFO activity beginning in the late 19th century with the airship flap of the period, when there was a rash of sightings ofShow MoreRelatedOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesothers who should know better) to trivialize this very problematic and challenging subject. This is not the case with the present book. This is a book that deserves to achieve a wide readership. Professor Stephen Ackroyd, Lancaster University, UK This new textbook usefully situates organization theory within the scholarly debates on modernism and postmodernism, and provides an advanced introduction to the heterogeneous study of organizations, including chapters on phenomenology, critical theory and psychoanalysis

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Theme of Alienation in Literature Essay - 1118 Words

A Alienation is a common theme in literature as it can elicit many deep emotions. It can be attached to characters who have acted very drastically or who need to do so. Either way, alienated characters create a sense of intrigue with the personal reliance that they are faced with. Receiving help from others is not as applicable to these people. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil,† Anne Sexton’s, â€Å"The Farmer’s Wife,† and T.S. Eliot’s â€Å"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock† each magnificently create their own sense of character alienation. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil,† the story is told of the isolation of a man draped with a black veil over his face. At the beginning when the minister, Mr. Hooper,†¦show more content†¦Though so much darkness was attributed to Hooper when he wore the veil, he gave off a glimmering of light when around others. For example, when Hooper’s wife tried to get him to remove the veil, he stayed firm in his veil wearing with his smile being used as a reminder that this was his choice and he had his reasons. Although it might have increased his alienation, Hooper never changed the portrayal of his emotions,. However, the veil did make Hooper a better clergymen. More people would demand to see him to repent their sins or to speak when on their deathbed. Here, the difficulty in Hooper’s veiled life was demonstrated. He gave tremendous help and donated ample time to these people, yet in return he received nothing. He was both feared and unloved, making him unreachable in facets of life where joy could be shared. Hooper was alienated both socially and physically. When Hooper’s wife, the closest person in his life, left him he somehow smiled at these disastrous events. He was able to oddly laugh to himself that it was a simple garment that kept him physically detached from others. At this point, Hooper attempted to find solace in whatever he could to offset the damages of his actions. Hawthorne let the audience realize that this alienation, although caused by such a simple thing, was of Hawthorne’s self-infliction. The course of Hooper’s life became very sadShow MoreRelatedEssay Theme of Alienation in Literature929 Words   |  4 PagesTheme of Alienation in Literature A common theme among the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne is alienation. Alienation is defined as emotional isolation or dissociation from others. In Hawthornes novels and short stories, characters are consistently alienated and experience isolation from society. These characters are separated from their loved ones both physically and psychologically. The harsh judgmental conditions of Puritan society are the cause of isolation for theseRead MoreAnalysis Of A Rose For Emily Essay1643 Words   |  7 PagesMatthew M. Courchaine Professor Teresa Trevathan English 123 30 November 2016 On Being An Outcast: Emily As Manifesting Thematic Alienation in Faulkner’s â€Å"A Rose for Emily† I. Introduction Being taught in high schools and universities all across the nation, William Faulkner’s short story â€Å"A Rose for Emily† has achieved a great deal of both academic and mainstream respect in the United States. In being arguably one of Faulkner’s strongest stories, and since Faulkner himself has assumed the positionRead MoreThematic Analysis Of The Novel Mrs. Dalloway And The Cannibalist Manifesto `` By Oswald De Andrade1471 Words   |  6 PagesThematic Concern in Modernist Literature The modernist literature or literary modernism traces its origin in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has its roots mainly in North America and Europe. It is characterized by various authors from various genres of literature with a self-conscious break with the conventional way of writing in prose, plays, and poetry. The major modernist works of Samuel Beckett’s, â€Å"Waiting for Godot,† poem by T. S. Eliot â€Å"The Waste Land,† the novel â€Å"Mrs. Dalloway†Read MoreAlienation Is Not A New Thing1640 Words   |  7 PagesAlienation is best described as a powerful feeling of isolation and loneliness, which stems from a variety of causes such as certain events and situations in society or in a persons individual life (â€Å"Alienation†). The extent in which a person is alienated varies from mild to severe often depending on the specific trigger. Most commonly, the feeling of not fitting in with others and being different causes alienat ion. However, in some instances a certain life changing event or the accumulation ofRead MoreThe Theme of Alienation in William Blakes the Little Vagabond1069 Words   |  5 PagesZahid Islam Instructor-ELT 18th Century English Literature 10 April 2011 The Theme of Alienation in Blake s The Little Vagabond Thesis: The central character in William Blake s poem becomes alienated from society because of the hardships and ill-treatment he has to undergo at the hands of people in authority. Read More The Rise and Fall of Existentialism1287 Words   |  6 PagesThe Rise and Fall of Existentialism   Ã‚  Ã‚   Existential literature often focuses on the personal journey towards existential awareness. Common themes in existential works, such as alienation and confrontation with death, often lead the anti-hero towards a climactic choice that defines whether they have reached true understanding. The themes within existential literature are reflected from the world at large, and the works themselves are a metaphor for a grander shift in Western philosophy. Read MoreSimilarities Between Catcher In The Rye And The Pleasure Of My Company1552 Words   |  7 Pagessurprising how a person could just choose to live indoors because of his phobia and be happy enjoying his own company. In the two works of literature, The Pleasure of my Company by Steve Martin and The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger, this theme has been expressed in different ways. While Martin in his book, The Pleasure of My Company expresses the theme of isolation by develops a protagonist who is confined from the normal social life like other people by his fears, Salinger develops such aRead MoreThe Minister s Black Veil1128 Words   |  5 PagesAmerican Romanticism characteristics are very typical in this story in many different ways. What is American Romanticism you make ask? Well, American Romanticism is â€Å"a movement of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that marked the reaction in literature, philosophy, art, religion, and politics from the neoclassicism and formal orthodoxy of the preceding period.† An example from the story of American Romanticism is, â€Å"And when she suggests that members of the community may interpret the veil as aRead MoreGregor Samsas Metamorphosis in The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka1271 Words   |  6 Pagesthe novel The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Kafka describes the theme of alienation and its negative effect on people and their relationships with the people around them. This theme can be shown through Gregor Samsa, the main character in T he Metamorphosis. After Gregor’s metamorphosis, or transformation, he is turned from a human being into a giant bug which makes him more and more distant from the people in his life. The alienation that Gregor experiences results in his eventual downfall, whichRead More Alienation in Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie Essay examples943 Words   |  4 PagesAlienation in Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie Life is a lonely tale of alienation, as Tennessee Williams conveys though his play, â€Å"The Glass Menagerie.† Williams surrounds Laura in isolation from a world in which they wish to belong to by using various symbols. The symbolic nature of the motifs hidden within the lines of this play provides meaning to the theme found consistent throughout the play: Individuals are all alone in the world. Williams brilliantly illuminates the